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March 16, 2010


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Hi, me again. I thought I'd read through some of your posts. And I'm chatty so it is hard not to comment. So...

I had to laugh at this post because I recently made a joke on facebook that the only way you'd get me in a jute-covered wedge espadrille was to strap it to my cold dead foot.

But I'm with you on the rest except that I'm small and I feel I get lost in prints, even sleeveless. Also, I'm currently coveting a misty gray leather motorcycle jacket if someone could give me $400 dollars....

What's your take on skinny jeans for spring/summer? I have one pair and I'm liking them with flip-flops for summer nights. But I feel they're too hoochy with heels, on me, anyway (40ish type-gal)

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