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Stylist, Jen Ottoson believes that looking good means feeling good both inside and out. To test this personal theory, 2 years ago, Jen combined her passion for fashion with her innate gift of bringing out the best in people and started "Truly Styled," a personal wardrobe consulting service.

Over 60 closets later, Jen confidently stands by her theory, "Self-criticism is natural. Whether you are a size 6 or 16, most people look in the mirror and only see their negatives. I look at them and instantly see their best feature or assets. Then I help them dress for their best self." Ottoson adds, "You'd be surprised at the turnaround in confidence even one simple change can make," she added.

Like many entrepreneurs, Jen Ottoson’s credentials in her business do not come from studying textbooks or working in fashion. Instead, years of corporate culture where everyone dressed alike inspired her to explore her passion further. In fact, Ottoson began wardrobe consulting as a favor to friends and acquaintances that recognized her ability and admired her own personal style. Ottoson quickly realized her natural gift for style is one that she can share with others who have a real need and desire to look and feel good, but don’t know exactly where to begin.

Now, a (mostly) stay-at-home-mom of two plus dog, she fuels her knowledge for Truly Styled through her own passion and personal life experiences … and a lot of magazine/window shopping.

Ottoson admits… "I’m helping people look and feel their best while bringing them to new heights with self- confidence. Seeing people embrace their bodies, get excited about their looks, and most importantly, their lives is icing on the cake for me!”